MetLife Dental SpotLite Program

MetLife Dental SpotLite Program

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the MetLife SpotLite on Oral Healthsm program?

The MetLife SpotLite on Oral Health is a program designed to recognize general and pediatric dentists participating in the Preferred Dentist Program who have shown a strong commitment to improved oral health outcomes.

MetLife has developed a program that allows us to meaningfully measure preventive care and its relationship to disease and risk reduction. Our analysis leverages industry standard protocols such as CAMBRA and The American Dental Association's Dental Quality Alliance (DQA) measures. CAMBRA is an evidence-based strategy and provides insights into quality measures. DQA creates a set of quality measures that address prevention and disease management to promote oral health for both children and adults. Combining elements of these two trusted approaches to analyzing dentist practice patterns has provided reliable insights to install this program in 2024.

Who is eligible for SpotLite designation?

Contracted Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) participating general and pediatric dentists for at least one year. You must be credentialed as either a general or pediatric dentist, see a minimum of 10 MetLife covered patients in the previous 12 months and meet all analysis criteria.

How does MetLife determine if I qualify?

By meeting the defined criteria MetLife will award the designation to approximately 25% of qualified dentists, after completion of a robust data analysis process.

How will I find out if I am a SpotLite dentist?

During the first quarter of 2024 MetLife will launch SpotLite and notify all dentists earning designation via mail. You can also check Find a Dentist (; select your zip code, PDP network and see if the designation has been assigned to your profile.

I practice in multiple locations, is SpotLite status noted at all the places I practice?

Yes, the designation is assigned by the provider, however only at locations where you are a PDP participating dentist.

What benefits are associated with SpotLite program?

The launch of the program will include special promotion in the Find a Provider application, sharing your recognition with plan participants searching for a dentist. If awarded the SpotLite designation multiple years in sequence, you may be eligible for enhanced service packages and other benefits.

How frequently are designations updated?

SpotLite analysis is completed annually, at the completion of the calendar year.

How will my current or new patients know if I am a SpotLite dentist?

Dentists who earn SpotLite status will be recognized on the MetLife Find a Provider application. Additionally, you are welcome to share your status with your patient base.

Can my SpotLite status change over time?

Yes, every dentist in the MetLife PDP network that meets the defined criteria will be evaluated annually. Status can change, additionally termination or resignation from the MetLife PDP network will end the recognition.

Is SpotLite a ranking system?

No, it is a way to recognize a subset of our PDP network that have demonstrated a strong commitment to improved oral health outcomes, based on the program criteria.

Is SpotLite designation awarded for the duration of my PDP Contract?

No, SpotLite designation is awarded annually based on the previous 12 months provided all criteria are met.

Do SpotLite dentists get priority claim or call center servicing?

Any priority service programs will require multi-year recognition and will launch 2025 and beyond

Do SpotLite dentists get additional compensation?

No, there is no special compensation awarded in the SpotLite program.

Can I refuse SpotLite designation?

Yes, you can send an email to, including your name, NPI (National Provider ID), TIN (Tax Identification Number) and locations where you are a PDP network participating dentist with your formal request. MetLife will work to remove the SpotLite designation within 60 days (about 2 months).

Have Yelp reviews been removed from the online directory?

Yes, Yelp reviews have been removed. SpotLite designation is replacing the YELP function in 1Q2024.

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